Health and Safety Inspections Are Crucial in the Workplace

Arrange for your inspection with an industrial hygienist in Poughkeepsie, NY

Many workplaces deal with harmful chemicals and other substances. To keep you and your employees safe, hire an industrial hygienist for on-site inspections in Poughkeepsie, New York. AIR Environmental Consulting LLC will perform a visual inspection, take samples of any questionable areas and send samples off to a lab for testing. If the results are concerning, we can develop a remediation plan to help alleviate the situation.

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Some workplaces are considered high-risk

Some workplaces are considered high-risk

Depending on your job, toxins can run rampant in your workplace. A trained industrial hygienist at AIR Environmental Consulting will work with you to find and remove harmful substances from your property.

Your industrial hygienist will look for three types of toxins:

  • Chemical. This includes toxic gases that can be inhaled or absorbed through the skin.
  • Biological. This includes viruses and bacteria, commonly found in food processing facilities.
  • Physical. This includes workplaces with radiation, extreme temperatures and loud noises.

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